The way we do

Cycle to work / Promoting cycling among corporates

Dynamic organizations always want to promote a healthy lifestyle among their employees. And cycling is an easy way to do it. But companies have limited resources and expertise to do so. Besides, having an inventory of cycles for employees and maintaining them is an expensive proposition.

Cycool not just provides high quality cycles to corporates but also undertakes maintenance , organises expert talks, creates engaging communication for employees, conducts engagement activities and regular cycle rides. Essentially work towards developing a cycling culture.

Cycling Events

Cyclool team has a vast experience of managing cycling events right from conceptualisation to execution. We also design customised events which the public can participate in as teams or individuals. Moreover, we also create bespoke events for clients to realise a wide range of objectives.

C-Suite connect through cycling

We help corporates in relationship building by getting C-suites to come outdoors and work out. This creates an opportunity for the top-level executives to engage in a fun way with their peers from different organisations.

We develop customised cycling events, like fun corporate outings, for C-suites based on their objectives. We collect a complete KYC of the audience and ensure that the hospitality, accommodation and overall experience is to their liking.

Bangalore Cycle Tour

We know Bangalore like no one else. We know the exact areas of Bangalore that look cool and are a breeze to cycle in. And which ones are apt for morning rides, and the ones perfect for night rides.

You can participate in our regular city tours. Or give us a shout in case you want us to customise your cycle tour.

Rent a Cycle

We know you would like to get to feel the saddle before you buy one. After all, comfort and compatibility are the clinchers. So reach out to us, take a test ride and then decide.

A variety of MTBs and Hybrid cycles are on offer to be rented out.