What we do

We make cycling indulgingly fun. To us, cycling is not just about pedalling and covering distances. If you are in it, you know it is much more than that.

It’s about forging relationships by getting people outdoors, interacting with others, to know someone, and thereby making them experience good from within. It makes you cool in more ways than one.

We use cycling to deliver

  • Employee Engagement
  • Client Engagement
  • Brand Building
  • Health and Wellbeing

Employee Engagement

Going beyond the mundane

For organisations that want to go further than just plastering mission statements on walls, and walk the talk, we have a refreshing suggestion. Cycling. The shared endeavour of an outdoor activity bonds a group and drives tangible change. Cycling is a great uplifting engagement, andde-stresses the mind.
Focused and engaged employees are more productive at work. It’s a fact, backed by research. And outdoor activity is the best mode of employee engagement. Another FACT.

Client Engagement

A great way to kickstart a rapport

By getting people outdoors and interacting, we set the ball rolling. And cycling with someone is a sure shot way to know more about that person.
Cycool can design special cycling events to get to know your clients beyond the corporate clichés. And after cycling amidst fresh air, we welcome you back with your choice of hospitality and accommodation.

Brand Building

Zoom past the clutter

We are hounded by hundreds of brands advertising themselves every day. Billboards, screens, posters all telling us what’s good about that brand. But, in most cases, your message gets lost in the clutter of brands.
Cycool’s customised events and specialized media allow you to get to people, away from the clutter, and show what your brand is all about.

Health and Wellbeing

On the right track

Smart organisations are making their workplaces increasingly employee-friendly. And thus, health and wellbeing of employees is a big part of that initiative.
Proactive initiatives are becoming the norm with the aim to bring work life balance and make employees healthy. But participation of all employees is a challenge due to the difficulty level of the exercise or the employee’s unfamiliarity with it.
Cycling has none of those barriers. And to make things easier, Cycool organises customised cycling related health and wellbeing programmes for organisations.